Diversity Tour 2011

Elmer Dixon, one of the former leaders of the Black Panther Party in the US, will be visiting the Netherlands. He is currently the President of one of the foremost executive training institutes in the US, Executive Diversity Services.

Mr. Dixon will be a featured speaker at the “Freedom Festivals” on May 5th. In addition he will engage students and managers from companies in discussions around the value of diversity. This tour provides many opportunities to engage Mr. Dixon to gain the benefit of his many decades of working within society for change.

Elmer Dixon
In the 1960s, Mr. Dixon was one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party (BPP), which was established as an organization for self-defense for African-Americans against police brutality. As it matured and grew to international proportions, it came to represent the fight for dignity, justice and freedom for all people, regardless of differences.

After years of fighting for change from outside, Mr. Dixon evolved to build on the positive aspects of the Black Panthers from within society. He is now President and CEO of one of the foremost companies in the United States working with company clients on diversity and inclusiveness issues.

This “journey,” from radical youth to constructive builder working within companies for change, forms the basis for a good lesson for today’s young people struggling with inequality.

Mr. Dixon will be in the Netherlands May 2011 to share his powerful life story in an impressive and captivating manner. He will be available to share this story with students, youth groups, companies and the general public.

There is much discussion around diversity in the Netherlands. But rarely are the benefits of a diverse workforce made clear. Studies have proven that diverse teams, when well managed, deliver higher results in terms of productivity, creativity and innovation than homogenous teams.

Diversity can deliver:
–        Higher quality solutions and innovation
–        Access to new markets
–        Increases in productivity and effectiveness
–        Lower costs by attracting and retaining top talent.

Mr. Dixon, through the efforts of his company Executive Diversity Services, has proven for his clients these values of diversity, inclusiveness and engagement. These clients include, among many others, Microsoft, PepsiCo and United Airlines.

The tour
Elmer Dixon will be in the Netherlands for his Diversity Tour 2011 from 3 – 10 May 2011. He will be a featured speaker at the Freedom Festivals (Bevrijdingsfestivalen) on 5 May in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Almere. He will conduct an open dialogue with the public concerning freedom, equal rights and how he worked to achieve these in society.

In addition, Mr. Dixon will be available to meet and speak with students at professional schools (Hogescholen) and universities. He will visit with families in disadvantaged neighborhoods and is available for media access.

There are various options for participating in the Elmer Dixon Diversity Tour 2011:
–        Main sponsorship of the entire Diversity Tour. This would include visibility (company logo and selected information):

  • All published materials, including press-packet
  • Appearance during Freedom Festivals
  • Social media broadcasts
  • Appearance at organization gatherings

–        Sponsoring the appearance of Mr. Dixon at the Freedom Festivals in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Almere: these three festivals will reach roughly 200,000 visitors, and a far larger number through media channels.
–        Sponsoring a single appearance of Mr. Dixon at your company or other organization gathering. Examples can be:

  • Meeting with directors or management team
  • Speech to personnel
  • Workshop for participants of your choice

For more information:

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The Diversity Tour 2011 is an initiative of Leo Salazar and the media bureau Gordon-Bennett.

Leo Salazar helps leaders become more effective in adding value to companies operating in intercultural environments. He is a learning consultant and trainer, born and raised in Los Angeles (US), and has lived and worked in Europe for over 25 years. He has extensive experience in management, especially in commercial environments, as well as marketing and business development. For the past 15 years Leo has focused on the development of people and their respective organizations, especially in an intercultural context. His experience in the Netherlands includes De Baak Management Center VNO-NCW; the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam; and TSM Business School at the University of Twente, Enschede.

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