In 2001 I was a contributor and chief project manager on a project which combined e-learning and consortium-based action learning. “e-BOSNO” was the name of the new product, and it was designed to provide a collaborative workspace for teams working together on individual and team development programs.

Learning Productivity: A case analysis of the ‘eBOSNO’ course for manager teams

Dr. Koos Winnips and Prof. Dr. Betty Collis


Action learning in a workplace context, focused on projects relating to real business needs is the basis of the management seminars offered by the BOSNO consortium in The Netherlands.  In the seminars, managers from participating companies work in teams on multiple-step problem analysis and solution strategies, supported by workplace coaches.  The teams also interact with each other so that peer-learning is stimulated.  To extend the BOSNO management seminar model in both depth and flexibility, a new approach called e-BOSNO was designed in which a web-based learning support environment played a critical role.  This paper describes the e-BOSNO design process and gives results from the first cycle of e-BOSNO.  The results showed the participants to be much active and interactive then in previous e-BOSNO seminars, even though there were fewer face-to-face meetings.  Workplace-oriented learning occurred which is available for reuse and subsequent e-BOSNO seminars.

Download articles regarding e-BOSNO from the British Journal of Educational Technology and Primavera.