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Intercultural and Cross Cultural Communication


An excellent article from Dr. Joseph J. DiStefano and Dr. Martha L. Maznevski (both now with IMD) on “Creating Value with Diverse Teams in Global Management”.

Why diversity matters: Research from McKinsey makes it increasingly clear that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially.

The Paradoxes of Cultural Diversity Within Organizations,” an outstanding article by Prof. Halleh Ghorashi in the International Journal of Diversity, Vol 7, No. 5 (2007). In part, it shows how in the Netherlands the onus of responsibility for change is on the immigrant. This is in sharp contrast to the US, which places mutual responsibility for societal change.

An article in the British Journal of Educational Technology regarding e-BOSNO: “Learning Productivity: A case analysis of the “eBOSNO” course for manager teams.” , V4, 20-12-02

Outstanding report from Roland Berger Strategy Consultants that shows that Diversity & Inclusion is a practical, hard financial factor that drives tangible results. A strategic issue that belongs on every CEO’s agenda.


Diversity Package 2011:

Elmer Dixon Diversity Tour 2011

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