“In the howling wasteland of half-competent, arrogant so-and-sos who talk about international business, you are like a cool drink of water. And with a sense of humor as well, whaddaya know.”

— Jeannine van der Linden, Kamer52

How do you deal with conflict within your company?

First of all, this is about doing business. Doing better business.

Secondly, it is about learning from each other. Regardless of our respective origins, heritage, influences or perspectives. Call it diversity, if you will, and how to use the diverseness among us to learn and do better.

I collaborate with international leaders to boost competitive advantage, enhance organization performance and realize their business strategy through people development. I’ve delivered measurable results for top companies in the US and Europe and am now a Senior Associate for De Baak, which since 1948 is the premier training & development institute in the Netherlands.

Our clients are facing challenges in 1) getting their managers from different backgrounds to work effectively with each other, 2) adapting their business processes to new, international markets or 3) getting different parts of their companies to work together effectively as a whole.

Our MBI (mapping, bridging, leveraging) model is based on the validated research of Prof. J. DeStefano and Prof. M. Maznevski of the IMD Business School, Switzerland.


The pedigree of this page is as follows:

2009.05.03: “Going Dutch,” article in NY Times Magazine by Russel Shorto (director of the John Adams Institute, Amsterdam and author of, among other books, “The Island at the Center of the  World” about the Dutch founding of what is now Manhattan), about the value of Dutch society for Americans and what we can learn from each other.

2009.09.09: “Who Are We: Reflections on Dutch Leadership and Society” event organized by De Baak Management Center VNO-NCW in Amsterdam.

2010.02.04: Rev. Jesse Jackson European Tour. Introduction speech Kurhaus, the Hague

2010.02.05: Hyphen-Nation: American Perspectives on Diversity in Europe.