To follow on my post from 1 September, this article appeared yesterday on the blog site:

“There has changed little in the years since diversity was last measured in the Dutch public television landscape. The monitoring group Representative Diversity (Representatie Diversiteit) released a report in 2005 that measured the white/European representation on Dutch public television was 77.2%. This means that the share of “colored” on Dutch state-sponsored television is 22.8%, which includes all black and Latino-American in imported television series, all African and Asian political leaders in news programs, and all aboriginals and indians in documentaries. This means that the 15% of the Dutch society that is comprised of non-western non-Dutch [primarily Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamen] have no substantial representation in the programming in Dutch public television. Here and there are exceptions, but as a constant factor they are not to be seen.”

[own liberal translation from the article “Weinig culturele diversiteit bij publieke omroep in nieuwe tv-seizoen” (Little Cultural Diversity in New Television Season)]