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An article by Christine Uber Grosse Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management:


As global companies rely more on virtual teams to conduct short and long- term projects, business students need to be prepared to manage the communication of intercultural teams. Communicating across cultures using technology can be a difficult task. Best practices in managing the communication of virtual intercultural teams are identified from interviews with four executives and feedback from 90 graduate business students. This information will help business communication faculty to prepare students for the complex job of communicating across languages and cultures on virtual teams.

RT @HarvardBiz: Why Leadership Development in Asia Is Better Than in Europe According to the article, they have specific selection strategies directly tied to business needs. Once they have these choice people on board, they then have a specific strategy for developing leaders from within the company.

An ING Bank commissioned report gives a good, solid overview of major differences, including standard measures such as power distance, individualism, masculine/feminine and uncertainty avoidance:

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